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Habits of Damaging Your Health


Five habits of eating that damage your health

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Do you think that you have good habits of eating? How do you manage to eat properly and regularly? Eating is one of the main issues that some people ignore and they think that it is only a small problem for them since they never notice the effect of their habits of eating lead to many problem with their health in the future. If you care about your health and want to have a long life ,you should change your bad habits of eating from now on. Like people said it's never too late to start again. Here are the five habits of eating that damage your health if you repeat them everyday:

Eat late:


Do you have a fix schedule for your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Some people do not know what time they eat their meal and they never notice about what and when they eat. They eat only when they feel hungry and this is the big mistake that they do to their health since eating late can damage your health. More than that eating late make you lose your eating appetite and you will have many health problems like stomachache. Stop and eating late and start to stay healthy.

Eat while playing phone:


Technology makes people live in a convenient way and more comfortable but if people do not use it wisely, it will cause problem to them also. Because some people are too addict with their phone, they do not put their phone off although they are eating. One side of their hand is holding phone and another side is picking food to eat while their eyes are looking at the screen. This is one the worst habits that people should change because it will destroy their health when they do not chew their food properly.

Eat too fast:

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How much time do you usually spend eating your meal? Minimise your time for your meal carefully because it's very important for your health. You should not chewing your food too fast and do not hurried to finish your meal. Eat slowly and relax while you are eating because it helps your food to go smoothly in your stomach.

Not enough eating meal each day:


if you care about your health, you should start noticing the amount of food you eat everyday. For one day, you have to eat three time which are breakfast, lunch and dinner that you should never skip one of them. For each meal, you should moderate the amount of food you eat carefully by making sure that you eat food that have vitamins and proteins. More than that, you should not eat too much or eat too little. Like people said for breakfast you should eat like a king , eat lunch like a queen and eat dinner like pauper. Your biggest and best meal is breakfast and your smallest meal should be dinner.